Elaina offers coaching in the following areas:

  • Type 1 & 2 diabetes
  • Addiction and alcoholism
  • Weight loss and plateaus
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Travel and nomadic lifestyle
  • Macros and tracking
  • Bio-individuality in the ketogenic lifestyle

Elaina Wang

Elaina is a Type 2 diabetic who controls her blood sugar with a ketogenic lifestyle.

Elaina lives in Las Vegas and lives a full time RV lifestyle. She is a Certified Nutrition Coach through NASM, and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Elaina is currently studying Integrative Medicine for PTSD and Complex Trauma.

As a pre-teen, Elaina was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Epstein Barr Syndrome after contracting mono twice. She suffered from a suppressed immune system, and was in and out of the hospital regularly. At 13 she started suffering from intense pain that resulted in weight loss due to malnourishment. It took 2 years for a diagnosis of having severe and multiple gallstones. She was admitted to the hospital immediately, and scheduled for emergency surgery the next day.

Once no longer in pain and able to eat again, she started binge eating, and gaining weight rapidly. At one point during her teen years, she weighed 270 pounds.

After so much medical trauma, Elaina headed down a path of drug addiction. 

The signs and symptoms of diabetes were obvious, but Elaina put off going to the doctor for years. At 24, she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. For 6 years she let her diabetes rage completely out of control and with it came a plethora of other medical conditions.

At 30, Elaina reached her rock bottom and decided she had enough. Her first step was addressing her drug addiction and then tackling her diabetes. When she started checking her blood sugar, she was stunned the first test was 456. She resolved to begin walking daily, stop smoking cigarettes, and monitor her blood sugar. Even though she followed through with those commitments, her blood sugar was consistently over 300. Elaina turned to the internet and social media to find more natural solutions to diabetes control. It was at this point in her journey that she discovered the ketogenic diet, and jumped right in! Her blood sugar, weight, and overall well-being rapidly improved. Ketogenic living allowed her to normalize her blood sugar, lose over 100 pounds, and gain a very positive focus in life!

Since incorporating the ketogenic diet, Elaina no longer suffers from Chronic Fatigue, and her immune system has greatly improved. Epstein Barr Syndrome and infections are all things of the past! Even without her gallbladder the ketogenic lifestlye has healed her mind, body, and spirit.

Elaina has now been dedicated to the ketogenic way of life for more than 8 years and she is the healthiest she has ever been.

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